Opened February of 2012, restaurant Panini Opa is a casual fine-dining restaurant, offering authentic Greek and Italian street food.  It employs an “order-at-the-counter” concept for faster service. A beautiful outside patio is perfect for those who love to eat and enjoy the open air. 

The restaurant focuses on top quality, always fresh product, value and great service.  The menu is equal parts Greek and Italian, featuring such dishes as pasta, moussaka, pasticio and staffed grape leaves.  As the name suggests, Panini Opa serves a variety of hot-pressed sandwiches on ciabatta bread.  A full line of hot and cold appetizers – hummus, falafel, tzatziki, and others are available.  In addition, salads, soups kebabs, daily specials and homemade desserts.  Beer and wine is also served.

Open daily for lunch and dinner at 11:00AM.

Full menu available, as well as special dishes for catering.

Authentic Greek & Italian favorites

Greeks and Italians approach food with a combination of seriousness and nostalgia, inevitably thinking back to the dishes they were raised on. They don’t eat to live but rather live to eat, and a meal is almost always a social, convivial occasion, which revives the original meaning of companionship – people who broke bread together.

Amazing Appetizers

Specialty Dishes

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Awesome food, made to order so it's hot and fresh. The woman at the counter was very nice too, she helped me settle a bet with some friends on the correct pronunciation of Gyro. Spoiler : I was right 😉. I had a spicy chicken and a lamb gyro cause I'm a hungry boi and they were both great. You could tell hot off the press, which is great considering you order, sit down and maybe 5 minutes later your food is ready. It's not fast food, it's like "pretty quick" food if they makes sense? At any rate, worth checking out. The 2 I had were delicious so if the rest of the menu is anything like it, it'll be good!

Peter B.

Actually the best local restaurant, perfect gyros, best burger in Dublin and the lemon potatoes 🤤 wow so good! The chicken lemon soup is excellent, the salads are huge, and their toasted pita is veryyyy yummy ! Favourite spot tbh

Jess L

Fish gyro was awesome. Great staff. Absolutely going back next time we’re in Dublin. Totally lived up to the hype that my brother shared with me.

Melissa J

This is one of those little restaurants that I do recommend people try. While the prices are in line with the quality of food, it is just a touch high for my taste. That aside, the staff is awesome, the food is awesome, and the very intimate seating makes it feel like a wonderful family get-together. I do appreciate the dual styles of food of both Italian and Greek. so if you happen to have a chance and you are visiting Northwest Columbus, I do recommend that you find this little tucked away restaurant and give it a try!

David B

All i can say is OMG!! The food is so fresh hot and very delicious. I haven't tasted this since i was in Germany and went to authentic Greek Restaurants. The prices are very inexpensive and the quality and quantity is superb.

Patricia P.
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